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Designer meets Print Sales Rep.
Print Sales Rep falls for Designer.
Designer tells Print Sales Rep the key to happiness lies in being a maker and getting your hands dirty.

Together in July of 2011, they created a letterpress studio to escape the glossy, over-saturated industry they both grew up in – a place that allowed HER to start scribbling again, and HIM to get his hands dirty again. It was time for a slower pace + to embrace a more process-driven, artistic part of the industry: one that requires Time and Attention – two long forgotten terms in an industry now on speed.


Somersault is not an industrial print shop. We are not fast, or competitive. Our hands are the ones that craft the project. Our minds are dreaming up the next idea or working through the next issue on press. And our hearts are in every printed piece. We are two people who love doing what we do, from start to finish.

And we look forward to working with you.